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    10 Ways to Prepare for Showings & Open Houses

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    There’s a lot of information out there about how to prepare your house for potential buyers. Not sure where to start? Here are our insider tips that we wish everyone knew!


    1. Declutter.

    Give potential buyers a blank canvas so they can imagine living in your home.

    2. Define spaces.

    Use staging to show visitors a potential layout that feels deliberate and functional. Not sure how to do this? Find a real estate professional who works with a great stager.

    3. Stock up on lightbulbs.

    It’s important for potential buyers to know that all of your lights work, so you’ll want to have back-up.

    4. Deep clean.

    A well-maintained home is paramount. If cleaning isn’t your thing, hire outside help.

    5. Deep clean, pt.2: the bathroom.

    The bathroom should be the cleanest it has ever been. Re-caulking the bathroom is a great idea.

    6. Use prepared staging trays.

    Keep trays with decorative items like flowers (fake is ok!) set aside so that you can easily turn your coffee table or kitchen counter into a picturesque display.


    7. Mitigate strong odors from food.

    Strong cooking smells from foods like garlic and onion can linger for days. In case you were looking for it, you have our permission to bake cookies for dinner.

    8. Have the carpets cleaned (or just get new carpet).

    People see replacing carpets as a big project. Having new or very well-maintained carpets will set your house apart.


    9. Add plenty of plants.

    Real or fake, these will add brightness and life to your newly decluttered, deep-cleaned house.


    10. Paint the front door.

    Painting the interior of your house is great, but don’t forget about your front door. The current trend is either a black or charcoal front door to add modern curb appeal.

    Thinking about selling your home, and have questions? We know this process can be overwhelming, and we’re here to help. Contact us here.

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