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    Tips for Rearranging for Homeschooling



    If you’re currently working through the growing pains of new homeschooling, we hope that these tips for rearranging your home for optimum learning might help.

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    Choose one space as your HQ.

    First thing first: set aside a designated space to keep the line between work and home from blurring. It will save time (and sanity) if you have a designated homeschooling headquarters. It’s ok for kids to do their work throughout the house (and outside!), but best if all supplies are in one place. If you don’t have an extra room in your home, consider some shuffling of bedrooms, or sacrifice your dining room if you can.

    Reenvision furniture you already have.

    Look around your home and see what could be repurposed. Together, a coffee table and yoga cushions make a great learning station for your kids. A hammock can easily become a place for focused reading for an older child.


    This is so important for helping kids focus. Keep only essential items around, and use vertical space like shelving to store extra items.

    Use Visuals.

    Use cork boards to organize school work so kids can visualize their tasks, and track what is completed. This will also allow you to easily glance at their work each day to ensure they’re staying on track. Pro-tip: Use a whiteboard to display all remote learning login information so there’s never a scramble to find it.

    Find the light.

    Position the desk or table so that kiddos can see out a window. If that’s not possible, try an arrangement where they are facing the doorway or each other, just not a wall. The sunshine and view of other people can help kids feel less isolated.


    Remove distractions. like phones & TV. Try a basket by the door to deposit any devices and turn them on silent during remote learning times.


    Bring in a favorite piece of art from another part of the house, or some other objects that make you and your kids feel happy in your new homeschooling headquarters.

    At the end of the day, your homeschool setup might not be perfect, but we hope these tips help. You got this!


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