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    Supporting the Community

    We have a huge announcement! Shelley Paterson Homes has teamed up with local artist Patti Edmon to give YOU a super fun new way of supporting The Nest.

    The Nest supports women, children & families in the poorest area of Lexington. Our team is in awe of the amazing work they do with education, advocacy, therapy and crisis services at such a local level.

    How can you help?

    We have created downloadable PHONE WALLPAPERS with Patti Edmon’s awesome abstract art. We simply ask that you make a donation of any amount you’d like after you download your new wallpaper via our GoFundMe page.

    100% of the proceeds go to The Nest.

    Tap here for downloads and details!

    Share this so we can wallpaper as many phones as possible, and also please get involved on Instagram too! #fortyfivehundred